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Since I can't work/go to school I usually watch t.v. throughout the day. Usually it's scientific stuff, but every once in a while it's something ridiculous like Jerry Springer. I know it sounds odd but when you watch it as much as I do you begin to notice a pattern.
Of course I know there are exceptions.

1. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
It always amuses me when a story starts with "Well (s)he's cheated on me before...". Gee, really? Why didn't you leave the first time? Some adults are like children: if they think can get away with it, they'll keep doing it.

2. If you get rejected by your lover, don't expect your spouse to take you back.
It amuses me when someone leaves their spouse for their lover, but that lover rejects them. They try to do some major backtracking, but that 1st person is like "Oh hell no". Karma, ass.

3. If someone is cheating on you, it's best to just leave.
They obviously don't care enough to be faithful. It always gets me when the girlfriend/baby momma fights the woman he cheated with. HE is the one that cheated knowing full well what he was doing was wrong. Quite frankly he didn't care enough, so why should you?

4. If she has an Adam's Apple, run!
It's really funny when somebody who's OBVIOUSLY a transsexual comes on and reveals she's actually a man and the guy starts freaking out. It's definitely a "...really?" moment.

5. If you're pregnant, don't wait like 5 or 6 months to tell the father.
This I seriously don't get. These women have been pregnant for MONTHS but they don't tell the father until it's been like 6/7 months. Sure, they were really irresponsible in the first place, but that doesn't give you the excuse to be irresponsible now.

6. If you've seen their face at family functions, just say no.
It always grosses me out when someone is sleeping with a cousin or something, especially when it's someone who changed your daipers. I think I saw one where a woman was sleeping with her stepfather or something. That one SERIOUSLY grossed me out (especially because I think I was watching that episode with MY stepfather).

7. If they're old enough to be your parent or young enough to be your child, d6on't date them.
This is another one that really creeps me out. If you can remember the Cuban Missile Crisis or you weren't alive when 9/11 happened, then ew. Find someone your own age.

8.  If he has a female friend (particularly if they spend a lot of time together) he's pprroobbaabbllyy cheating.
This one's a HUGE exception- I have had TONS of guy friends and I have only kissed 2/slept with 1 WHILE WE WERE DATING.

9. If the shoes come off, it's on!
It's kinda funny when whoever kicks their shoes off as they're coming out onto the stage. Catfight!

10. White "rapper"= jobless bum
It's funny when they try to justify not having a job with "I'm just waiting for my rap career to take off" (or something like that). Um, ok. I think the only successful white rapper, like, ever is/was Eminem (personally I don't like rap so I'm really not sure).
11. If you meet a woman online, she's pprroobbaabbllyy a dude.
Another exception one.
It's funny when a trannie brings some poor unsuspecting dude who thinks she's actually a woman. It's typically another "... really?" moment.

12. "Dancer" = stripper
 Of course I know "dancer" actually is a legitimate career but it's funny when they try to justify it. "Dancer"? No, honey, you're a skank on a pole.

13. Cakes aren't for eating.
I don't think I've ever seen a cake survive for more than 5 minutes before getting thrown/smeared on some fat hillbilly...

14. "But I love him!"
He beats you, takes your money and constantly cheats, yet you "love" him? Have some self respect.
I know Jerry Springer is likely staged. I watch it because it's entertaining.
I recently read something about a measles outbreak in Florida. Quite frankly, it made me shake my head.

I SERIOUSLY don't get people who don't vaccinate their children. Vaccines aren't 100% effective (that's a common misconception) but they're definitely better than nothing. Unlike those anti-vaccine nuts, I actually KNOW how vaccines work: essentially, they give you miniscule doses of whatever-it-is so your body can form antibodies to fight off the REAL invaders.

Moreover: flu shots (I'm doing a separate paragraph for those because that's a whole other beast). Either this year or last year I got the flu despite getting a flu shot. I was annoyed but I wasn't really surprised: Flu shots are made in advance by their best guess of what they think will happen next year (not sure how they determine that). Usually they're right but every once in a while they're wrong. Personally I won't stop getting flu shots.
I get that you're upset
but after 15 years
is that all that I get?
'Bye Kitten. Love you.'
So my dad (stepdad- haven't spoken to my father in 6 years) got fed up with my mother so he left.

Honestly I'm more confused than upset... Am I ever gonna see him again?
 I've been a part of the Sailor Moon Otaku (fan) community for years and 1 thing I noticed that nearly EVERYBODY does at first: Sailor Earth (my Sailor EarthAngel DOESN'T count because she's an avatar for the Greek goddess of the Earth, Gaia).

The thing is, there's ALREADY a senshi ("soldier") for the Earth- Tuxedo Kamen ("Mask"). He might not wear the typical fuku ("uniform"- that would just be disturbing) but he DOES have a henshin ("transformation"- it's only shown once in the anime). He is also the royalty for Earth (Prince Endymion) so there's no need for a "Princess Earth" either.
Sailor 'Earth'
Raise your hand if you've had one.


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