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Recently  I got into a little spat on Facebook with one of my Facebook friends (let's call him Walter) about something he posted: he basically told religious people that when they're bowing to their god they can kiss his ass.

Now I'm an athiest too, but unlike some athiests (Walter included) I believe whatever someone believes is fine. As long as they aren't hurting anyone/being a dick I really don't care. Criticizing someone for their beliefs makes you nothing more than a hypocrite.
I'm happy for you
Really, I am.
It's just...
Everybody else is moving on
moving away
getting married
having babies.
And I'm just...
I hear people talk about time travelling as jumping from 1 point to another; say, 500 years into the future in an instant. Well, what if the jumps are actually a lot smaller? My idea is so simple it's almost laughable, but the more you think about it the more it makes sense:

Technically we're always time travelling, a second at a time, to the future. If we weren't, we'd just be frozen in space and nothing would ever happen. The way I see it, time travel is like accretion (planet formation): it doesn't happen all at once. Dust bits clump into rocks which become boulders, etc. Moreover, since time only goes in 1 direction (I think Einstein postulated that), travel to the past is impossible. We already know gravity can make time go slower the closer you get to it's source: for example clocks run nearly 10 minutes faster in Low Earth Orbit (where most manned space flights and satellites are located) then they do on the ground. I think we've sent a satellite to a black hole and while time slows wwaayy down it still inches it's way forward.

So will we ever go back in time? Probably not. Going back even 1 second would likely take all the energy/matter (matter and energy are interchangeable) in the universe. While it'd be really cool, backwards time travel will have to remain in the realm of science fiction.
My hypothosis
Couldn’t think of a better title.

Probably not the smartest idea to put this on dA but I really don't know where else to put it.
Going to the store on an average Tuesday
just to get eggs.
Not being stared at
hushed whispers
"What happened to her?"
I can hear you
just ask.
Going somewhere by myself
Even just using my hands.
I miss...
It's the little things :/
Dark matter. The stuff that (allegedly) fills the universe, yet it cannot be seen, felt or detected. So what's out there?

I understand it's hypothetical, but I tend to hear it talked about as theory (dictionary definition- a theory is a group of tested propositions; often confused with hypothesis). Personally I think dark matter is something basically made-up to make the equations work. It supposedly fills the universe and is responsible for it's expansion, but where is it?

I realized I should probably do some more research first, so I turned to Wikipedia. "Dark matter... accounts for most of the matter in the universe." "... inferred..." "... hypothesized to account for discrepancies in calculations." Here they say it's hypothetical, but on The Universe and How the Universe Works (Science channel-I'm quadripalegic so I don't work) they talk about it like it's a sure thing.

So what do I think is responsible for the universe's expansion? Simple. Conservation of momentum; not the stuff in the universe, but the fabric of space-time itself.
My Issue with Dark Matter
For Cosmology Club via Twitter.


Sara Baker
United States
I was in a car accident a few years ago, had a stroke and now I have something called Locked-in Syndrome:…

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