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Dark matter. The stuff that (allegedly) fills the universe, yet it cannot be seen, felt or detected. So what's out there?

I understand it's hypothetical, but I tend to hear it talked about as theory (dictionary definition- a theory is a group of tested propositions; often confused with hypothesis). Personally I think dark matter is something basically made-up to make the equations work. It supposedly fills the universe and is responsible for it's expansion, but where is it?

I realized I should probably do some more research first, so I turned to Wikipedia. "Dark matter... accounts for most of the matter in the universe." "... inferred..." "... hypothesized to account for discrepancies in calculations." Here they say it's hypothetical, but on The Universe and How the Universe Works (Science channel-I'm quadripalegic so I don't work) they talk about it like it's a sure thing.

So what do I think is responsible for the universe's expansion? Simple. Conservation of momentum; not the stuff in the universe, but the fabric of space-time itself.
My Issue with Dark Matter
For Cosmology Club via Twitter.
I've been quadriplegic and mute for a few years now, and there's typically 2 things people (incorrectly) assume when they meet me: that I'm hard of hearing (all your yelling is doing is making you look like an idiot) or that I'm stupid (1 2 4 8 16 32 64...). It's annoying, but I get it so I don't get too mad; I wasn't disabled for the first 19 years of my life and probably would've done the same.

Quite honestly, it makes me chuckle. These airheads either try to avoid me like I'm patient 0, talk to me really slow and really loud or assume I'm too stupid to understand them and address my caregiver instead. It's sad, really. Just because I'm in a wheelchair and can't speak doesn't make me stupid; one of the smartest people in the world, Stephen Hawking, is in a wheelchair and can't speak. Maybe they're the dumb ones.
I'm smarter than you
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Please don't lecture me about this. After 20 years I will NOT change my mind.

I've been an athiest for years, and one thing I've run into time and again is hate and bigotry. "You don't follow god, so you must worship Satan!" Um, no. I don't believe in Satan either. I don't believe in heaven/hell, angels/demons or the tooth fairy. I believe that when you die, nothing happens. "Then why do anything good?" Because it's the right thing to do.

A REALLY big misconception is no god = no morals. Not so. I have morals, they're just not determined by a sky wizard that wipes out the planet in a world-class hissy fit. "Thou shalt not kill"- god is a GIGANTIC hypocrite. A few people piss him off and he wipes them ALL out. It's this hypocrisy that makes me scratch my head.
7 years ago, I had a car accident. After said accident, I had a stroke. I should have been okay, but they held off giving me medicine that could help because my spleen was hurt. So I had a stroke. Said stroke left me quadriplegic (unable to move) and mute (unable to speak).

"Well," you might be saying, "you don't have to go to school/work." That's true, but I also can't go the park, the arcade, the mall. Even when I can go somewhere, all I can do is sit and watch. I can want so badly to join in but all I can do is watch. After 7-ish years I'm used to it but that doesn't mean I like it.
Life: A Spectator Sport
The title's a play on words.
Via Facebook:
When the 9/11 attacks happened, apparently 2 of the I beams fused into a cross. They want to put it in the 9/11 museum, but an athiest group is fighting them tooth and nail trying to keep them from doing so.

OK, speaking as an athiest: wtf? THIS is what you choose to get upset over? I get not wanting prayer in school but getting upset over a couple pieces of metal is kinda silly. The 9/11 attacks were terrible, so if 1 tiny symbol of hope (for most people) came from all that terrible why can't you just roll with it? Besides, it's not as in-your-face as prayer in schools or that 10 commandments monument (I think it's in Texas).

Side note
The problem I have with most athiest groups (even though we might fundamentally agree about not believing in god) are their double standards: "I/we should be able to post whatever we want but you can't because you're oppressing us!" Um, ok? Aren't you doing the exact same thing?


Sara Baker
United States
I was in a car accident a few years ago, had a stroke and now I have something called Locked-in Syndrome:…

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