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From the news:
Some Ferguson protestors were arrested en route to disrupt the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

... really? I personally don't really have an opinion about Ferguson; that being said I think the people's reactions are/were ridiculous. I understand people are upset but rioting isn't going to solve anything. All it's accomplishing is ruining things for people who aren't even involved. And it certainly isn't going to change anything; Michael Brown is still dead and Darren Wilson's still not going to jail.
... really?
Protests can be constructive, but #Ferguson was just an excuse for a lot of people.
Since I don't work (disabled) I watch t.v. pretty much all day. I don't usually pay much attention to the commercials (who does?) but I've started to notice a trend.

Amongst the Black Friday commercials (get up and wait in line at 2 a.m.? No thanks), lately there's been Black Thursday. That's right, actually on Thanksgiving. I understand that Christmas is big holiday for retailers, but this is ridiculous. I used to work retail, and even though I haven't in a while, I found that insulting. Customers can be dicks even on the BEST of days. Add panic and mayhem? That could make even Mother Teresa a total bitch. Personally if I still worked retail I just wouldn't go in on Thanksgiving...
Black ... Thursday?
Seriously. Don't go shopping today.
I'm sure by now you've all heard about Ferguson: (in a nutshell) a white police officer shot a black guy. Yesterday he was not indicted, which angered A LOT of people.

I'm not "...why?" because of the verdict (I really don't care), I'm "...why?" because of the people's reaction. Rioting? Looting? What the hell does that accomplish? Michael Brown is still dead and Darren Wilson's still not going to jail. I wouldn't be surprised if some people were just using this as an excuse.
... why?
One of the things that I've always found interesting about my accident are the circumstances by which I survived. People would probably think if I had been driving my old car (a 2006 Ford Focus) I would have been better off, but I actually would've been killed. Probably sounds strange, but that's because when my car flipped over I was able to bend; an airbag would've pinned me upright/the older car (a 1987 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser) was made of stronger materials (like steel instead of aluminum). Under slightly different circumstances, I think I might've crushed my skull.

You're probably looking at this with disbelief. You're probably looking at the outcome, at flop, and wondering how I got to post-stroke floppiness. It kinda sounds like I should've been fine. The really messed-up part is that I should have been okay, but someone got complacent and cut corners and basically let me have a stroke. Apparently someone did say something (one of the scans was fuzzy so they suggested taking another one) but it got ignored because some doctor got cocky.

One thing thing that's always gotten me is something my mother's been saying for basically my entire life: "Good enough" isn't. It INFURIATES me that "good enough" was "good enough" for Doctor what's-his-face (I know his name, I just don't know how to spell it). Even if he was punished for what happened, he still gets to keep walking around and somesuch. I don't necessarily wish ill will on him or whatever, but I certainly don't wish him well.

Anyway, I've accomplished more than they ever thought I would. I got off the ventilator when they said I wouldn't, went home when they said I wouldn't (after making it as hard as possible for my mother) and have lived longer than they thought I would (I think the original estimate was 23/24. I'm 26).

And I'm just getting started.
More front Opposing Views:
People are demanding TLC pull "19 Kids and Counting" after the parents posted some "anti-gay" remarks online: "God designed marriage to be a loving, dynamic relationship between a man and woman for a lifetime. God loves marriage and marriage is where romance belongs!"

Before anybody jumps on my case: the title is meant to be sarcastic because it seems like you can't say/do anything without offending SOMEBODY. I fully support LGBTQ rights (what does the Q stand for?)

OK, before people jump on their proverbial high horses, remember that a) they're pretty die-hard Christians and b) FREEDOM of speech/expression. That's not an excuse or anything, but people seem to forget that it goes both ways. For example: You can't have something like Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech without allowing whatever bullshit the KKK wants to spew.

Honestly I'm more confused by the line "marriage is where romance belongs". I have been in love and all that jazz but I've never been married... Also, if romance apparently only belongs in marriage, how do you woo the person you might someday marry? I think I'll take my relationship advice from someone who ISN'T basically a walking incubator...


Sara Baker
United States
I was in a car accident a few years ago, had a stroke and now I have something called Locked-in Syndrome:…

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