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 I've been a part of the Sailor Moon Otaku (fan) community for years and 1 thing I noticed that nearly EVERYBODY does at first: Sailor Earth (my Sailor EarthAngel DOESN'T count because she's an avatar for the Greek goddess of the Earth, Gaia).

The thing is, there's ALREADY a senshi ("soldier") for the Earth- Tuxedo Kamen ("Mask"). He might not wear the typical fuku ("uniform"- that would just be disturbing) but he DOES have a henshin ("transformation"- it's only shown once in the anime). He is also the royalty for Earth (Prince Endymion) so there's no need for a "Princess Earth" either.
Sailor 'Earth'
Raise your hand if you've had one.
You might think I'm lucky
I lay in bed all day
I watch lots of t.v.
Many games I get to play.
Sure I "have it easy"
but behind-the-scenes
you definitely wouldn't wanna trade places
it's not exactly what it seems.
It's lonely
it's degrading
Like some twisted "Truman Show".
Do you want to trade places with me now?
Not So Lucky
For those who don't know: "Trueman Show" is a movie from the 90s (I think). Jim Carrey plays a guy who's had his entire life videotaped and put on tv.

I don't usually bother trying to rhyme... It was tough O_o
So I've been watching "The Bible" on the History channel and I noticed something interesting: even though god keeps saving his "chosen people" from slavery and such,
he's the one that ALLOWED them to be enslaved in the first place. Quite frankly it's all very confusing. He overlooks Abraham's infidelity so he can finally have a son (Isaac) but tells him to sacrifice his son until at the last second god sends him a sacrificial lamb. God sends his only son to eventually be sacrificed... I thought Christianity was about NOT killing people, though this show is probably about the OLD Testament which is (as I understand it) pretty violent.
I'm sure by now y'all have seen the commercials for that movie "The Interview". Basically James Franco and Seth Rogan go to North Korea and kill Kim Jong Un.

Firstly, let it be known I have 0 respect for Kim Jong Un; every time there's a news story about him featured on Facebook he seems like a little bitch baby who needs his ba-ba and a nap. While I whole-heartedly support our freedoms of speech and expression, I find this to be in EXTREMELY bad taste. What's even WORSE is Obama and/or Sony (I actually couldn't find a clear answer which) is caving to threats from North Korea. WTF?! While I do kinda agree with pulling it I do NOT agree with violating our civil rights to do so! I get not wanting to be attacked, but if you're gonna pull a movie pull it because it's a piece of shit.
:O Over 45,000 pageviews!
I'd do like some kiribian for 50,000, but I'd probably forget.


Sara Baker
United States
I was in a car accident a few years ago, had a stroke and now I have something called Locked-in Syndrome:…

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